Polar Bear 150

Well it looks like the Kimmell Street Stock series is going to be taking an interesting and helping jump at the end of this month. I just noticed that Speed 51 announced that Kurt Busch will be racing in a Street Stock for the race.

This is an awesome series and I sincerely hope that everything works out for it and the popularity of it grows. Too bad that this series has an expensive price tag because it would be an awesome venue to see in Florida…

Have a great day all…

We had the Florida Suncoast Outlaw Street Stocks here in Florida a few years ago with great car count then times got hard car count went down from 20 car a race to 6 to 10 every race. Now Tracks dont want any traving series at all.

Gary Laplant

Speed 51 announced that Kurt Busch will be racing in a Street Stock for the race.
Great. First, they invade the big Legends race at Charlotte, and take the (million-dollar) money and run (like they need it…).

Now, they’re coming in to take over Street Stocks? What’s next? Jimmie Johnson in a (no doubt, high-dollar) Mini Stock at Speed World? Tony Stewart in a bazillion-dollar-sponsored Strictly Stock?

The Cup guys are really ruining racing for the “little guys” by coming into events like this. Years ago, it was great to see guys like Pearson, Allison, and Waltrip come down and run the Sportsman race at Daytona against guys like Ard, Ingram, Ellis, Houston, Pressley (Bob, not Robert), and Ottinger - guys that would run the same car at Hickory and Daytona. If these guys beat the “Grand National” guys, they could say, “I beat Pearson at Daytona!” It was awesome to see Rusty, Bonnett, and Martin run the Snowball Derby and the World Series. But back then, they did it because they loved short track racing - not for the (little bit of) money that was to be had back then. There was only a few “Cup” guys in those fields, not over 3/4 of the cars. I think 90% of the Nationwide cars nowadays have some sort of Cup affiliation. Very few “Nationwide-only” teams any more. Nowadays, if you beat a Cup guy in a Nationwide race at Daytona, it was because he had problems (i.e., Junior in February when he got in the air). But I rant. I hope Kurt’s running some $300 (or even $3,000) home-built car, and not a trillion-dollar, Penske-shop-built, tube-frame, sheet-metal-bodied creation.


The Frank K streetstock series used to start 90+ cars until the cars nearby his shop started dominating and then the cup guys started building (toys) for their crew chiefs or crew members to race. many regulars quit showing up, i know a few personally. Now the cup drivers are in it. The class can be affordable, but, the way the rules are written someone with deep pockets can really sink some money into a car…and money is speed.

They did not get the million at Charlotte…Daniel Hemrick got that one :slight_smile: