owm for sale

2001 k- mod modified roller has afco shocks,springs and j-bar,32 gal fuel cell,kirkey seat size 17, allso quick change rearend mag center with 4,86 gear and light weight hubs front clip is a chevelle and it is 3 link in the rear all you need is motor and trans $ 2000$ or $1500$ and i will take the rearend out and give you a floater 9in to put in

looking for any trades???

no not really but what you got

any pics charliechrissy021086@yahoo.com

i have a limited late model roller, hobby stock roller, and guns

can you send pics off llm to phat1968boy@yahoo.com thank you

i will get them to you tomorrow

send pics to billyreubens@gmail.com


please send pics to jbaker@usw.com



what do u want for the floater?

after i sell the car i might sell the floater

send pics to rebel_shooter23@yahoo.com

sent the pics

still up for sale


can you send pics to brettkoch23@yahoo.cm

send pics to jamess904@hotmail.com i have a complete racing kart outfit ill trade if your interested 3 of the karts are race ready and i got 2 more chassis tons and tons of stuff

i just got read off karts but thank you

can you still send pics im interested in the car jamess904@hotmail.com