Race Ready Ministock

Selling a race ready pinto ministock. It was second in points at Albany MotorSpeedway. Comes race ready minus seat. Running a 2.3, racing oil pan, good cage, Holly 350. Asking $2500.00 obo, will negotiate on price, will consider all trades. Have multiple pics can send to email or straight to cell phone.

229-854-3532 for more info.

Here is the car

more info

Stock 2.3, Holley 350, aftermarket header, aluminum pulley system, the gear is 308, 8 gal fuel cell, cage goes all the way to the front and half way to the rear stops at rear shock towers.


price reduced. 2200.00


This car is a top 5 anywhere car! It was the Points Leader at Albany MotorSpeedway, and came 2nd in points! GREAT CAR!!


ttt…make me a offer! We can do some dealing!!!


Ak-47 :)…

ill trade my mustang ministock needs motor iv got blocks and and a head for your ak 47!!!

considering im military, and now I know you have a AK-47, I wouldn’t suggest posting back to my stuff. Thanks.

ttt…make an offer! WILL DELIVER!!!

pm sent !!!


It was a simple trade offer, I dont know why you sound so threating because its perfectly legal to own a Ak-47 in the state of florida. :slight_smile:

Not so much in GA and I like my job.

it is perfectly legal to own a AK-47 in georgia as well as long as it is not full auto. i am in the military and have 2.

ttt…trying to SELL THIS CAR not trade for guns!



Will sell as a roller minus motor and transmission for 1200$.


hey i got 3 m16 and 2 40 cal and you can have them in ga

ttt, will sell as roller or race ready

i got a phantom racing kart and some cash orrrrrr or 96 mitsubishi mighty max orrrrr a lifted 86 ranger whats up

on the kart, give me some details. And how much cash?