For Punta Gorda Speedway management

I was just wondering if you are going to have a Limted Late Model race this weekend? Kevin had said he might try to schedule one, but nothing was ever placed on the web page, all the adds for this week do not include it, and your phone message does not include it. Adding it now might be a little too late, only 5 days away from the weekend. I’m fine with what ever you do, (have it or not), we just need to know, (not just me but the other who might want to run too). Thanks. Hope to here from you soon.
David Weaver - LLM #11

no, Dave not this weekend. I’ll keep you posted if we add anything.



David… We would love to have you be part of our Limited Late Model 50 on Friday 11/19 as part of the Governor’s Cup Weekend…

Let me know if you think it is somthing you would like to do so I can add you to the roster… Right now I have 14 drivers on the Roster with 6 of those doing double-duty in the 50 and Gov Cup 200!

Click Here for the latest:

Would be great to see you guys there!

Mark Keeler


Thank you for getting back to me. As always, I will keep in touch.
I will not be able to make the 19th. I am doing tech support for a conference that day, and will not be done until 5:00, so I couldn 't even make it to watch, let alone run.