Pinto rolling chassis for sale

Selling a pinto rolling chassis. Has a good 6 pt. cage in it, along with the body. No extras with it, just bare cage and body. ASking 1200.00 OBO. it is negotiable and will consider possible trades.


:huepfen024:I know she isn’t pretty, but you can’t beat it for the type of cage that is in it. I will negotiate on price.

ttt, price reduces. $1000.00


where u live at

Albany, ga but we will come some


im n lakeland fla n how cheap u would take

Isn’t lakeland in north fla near the line? If so, we’ll take 1k for it and meet half way.

no near tampe fl

how far are you from Tallahassee?

abt 4 to 5 hours

Ok. Its about 3 hrs from me. I can take it to tallahassee maybe a little farther, but only if i know 100% you want it.


ttt…make me a offer!!

ttt…will take 900$ cash

ttt…must goooo!! make offer!!!

Price Reduced

We have the full skin for this car(nose piece, doors, sides, EVERYTHING). this Car MUST GO ASAP! Price reduced to 750$! COME GET IT!

600$! Must sell!

Got To Go!!!

ttt 550.00$ firm

Those cars have been out dated down here for about 5 yrs know… Everybody that races dirt are using tubular cars… Hope you have this posted on the Asphalt listing also. Thats where you might be able to sell it… Good Luck with your sale