Gov. Cup BBQ - canceled

Unfortunately, my Girlfriend in NY has had a medical emergency, and I needed to be in NY for her (where I am now). Not sure when things are going to be good enough on her, for me to get home, but I don’t see it happening in time to organize/shop/pay for the annual “Frassapalooza” as Boneman calls it.

There is a chance of actually making it to the race, but very slim at that.

I hope everyone can still get together, have a bite to eat together, and share some laughs like we always do. I just can’t be the one to coordinate anything.

Missing this one hurts for a sentimental reason… my Buddy Steve Brown, who started this with me about 10 years ago, had passed away earlier this year, and I’m sure he’d have been there in spirit anyhow. Didn’t get my chance to say a final Goodbye to a great friend.

Anyhow, hope everyone has FUN, stays safe, and I’ll be seeing all of you, at one track or another, in the near future.

Had my calender all screwed up. I thought the Cup race was THIS weekend, not next.

BBQ will most likely happen as usual…

Whether it happens or not, I hope your girlfriend is better soon. Was she visiting NY and got sick?? I will keep you and her in my prayers until she is better and you are home again. Please let me know how she is doing.