Add Jimmy Weller, Hubbard Ohio to the Gov Cup... Thats 8 states now!

Now up to 8 states represented at the 45th Annual Florida Governor’s Cup 200…

Jimmy Weller #23 from Hubbard, Ohio who recently moved to North Carolina back in July to team up with Dave and Ryan Blaney is the latest entry for the 45th Annual Governor’s Cup. Weller won the PASS South race at South Boston earlier this summer. Weller already has a win at New Smyrna Speedway coming back in February during the World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing in Crate Late Model competition.

This brings the total number of States represented to 8 and still expecting to hear from 2 more possibly as soon as today!

Weller was a surprise and not included in the initial estimate of States/Drivers we were expecting to hear from this week.

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I am really excited about the approach taken by NSS this year with the Gov Cup. More promotion - more ideas - more competitors - great job so far! If we could somehow shut down the World 300 and get those guys all here I may not need to run up to Pcola every dang year.

Granted something will inevitably happen that will have me on here bitchin - but at least there is some hype going into it!

Jimmy Weller is lucky to even be alive. A few years ago, he was a Sprint Car racer, and wound up in a bad crash that left him in a coma (possibly on life support if I remember correctly.

After his recovery, the family decides to NOT get back into the Open Wheel cars, and shifted everything towards Asphalt Late Models, first with a Crate engine program, and now moving up to the Super LM’s.

He seems to be a pretty good shoe, and should be a very competitive car added in. Things are looking good for the Cup race. Now, if we could somehow screw up Greshams plans for the World Crown 300 (PLEASE try to avoid a conflict with that race next year), we would get even MORE very competitive teams coming (Chase Elliott would have been a great addition for example).

Also good to see Becca Kasten coming. I was very impressed with her during Speedweeks, in both the Crates & Supers.