A great tribute to "BIG AL Neuman"

[SIZE=“4”][B]Night was filled with Family, Friends and FANS! The “BIG AL Neuman Memerioal Pro Truck 50” is in the books. It was great getting back to PGS. WOW have they worked hard taking the Track to a New LEVEL. The Tribute to the Man and the RACER was felt throughout the Night. The Announcer Todd (who also announces at Atlanta Motor Speedway and as well at Charlotte Motor Speedway in NC.) was on the PA talking up the night all the way up to the Pre Race Tribute to “BIG AL” on the front stretch. He had almost his whole Family there and very much involved with this Special Night. Al’s Grand Children and their Mom (one of Al’s daughters) were riding in the PGS Shelby Mustang Pace Car for all the pre race pacing of the EVENT. With his second Daughter dropping the Green Flag to Start the RACE!!! The intro to the Drivers was one that saw Drivers from around the state many that are Present and Past Champions from many different Tracks and Series that had raced with “BIG AL”. Missing Man lap was very touching. You could tell this was a very LOVED and Respected Driver. As the FANS CHEERED and WAVED you new this was going to be a GREAT race. There were many leaders and side by side racing throughout the race. "BIG AL would of been proud. Heck I sure he watched from above.
In closing I would like to THANK:
***Kevin Williams, Mike Chase, and the hard working Staff of PGS. For hosting the Event.
***Al’s Family and Friends for support and tribute to him.
***The Drivers and Teams that put on the Show!
***The Sponsors that step up to honor the Event:
Ryans Steaks and Subs
Q-Auto & Injury Attorneys
Tim Grogans Attorneys
Cortez Motors
Tommy King Racing
Advance Auto Parts
Beef O’Brady’s
Waffle House
and Signage Pro
*** The FANS (without them it would not happen)
Danny Anderson who worked his tail off getting the support for the Racers and FANS.
Here is the finishing order:
*** Indicate lap leaders

  1. 6 Josh Williams Port Charlotte ***
  2. 10 Ricky Bullard Arcadia ***
  3. 24 Bruce Bennett Orlando ***
  4. 64 Brent Hubbard Venice ***
  5. 5 Jimmy Gill Sarasota
  6. 50 Danny Anderson Bradenton
  7. 4 Todd Blevins St Pete (Driving "BIG AL’s #4 Truck)
  8. 2 Gerald Campbell Sebring ***
  9. 36 Ralph Chastain Alva
  10. 30 Eric Pierce
  11. 14S Sam Scott Naples
  12. 21 Martin Maesca Sebring
  13. 20 Tom Carlough Venice
  14. 63 Phil Morrison Punta Gorda
  15. 47 Travis Gossard Naples
  16. 23 Mike Smith Aurburndale ***
  17. 15B Roger Blevins Haines City
  18. 41 Steven Darvalics (Fast time 16.214)
  19. 14 Michael Burns Port Charlotte
  20. 15 Jeff Dulaney Naples

Here is the FUTURE STARS for the Pro Trucks:
Rookie Trucks

  1. 36 Chad Chastain
  2. 4 Kelli Burns
  3. 21 Randy Leonard
  4. 99 Cody Martell
    ? Sorry did not get their names

Yes! Six different leaders!!! The field was side by side the whole race.
GOD Bless you “BIG Al” you maybe gone, but you’ll never be forgotten!
Again THANKS to all.[/B][/SIZE]