18x7 bumper pull trailer no ramps 1200.00

18x7 bumper pull trailer no ramps 1200.00 someone stole the ramps fenders need replacing or just take them off

price drop 1000.00

800.00 need gone have a “pic” just let me know

last price drop 700.00

still here

send a pic to veaseyracing@gmail.com or 863-202-5996

did ya get the pic sent?

700.00 if ya need pics ask

No, I never got any pics.

Sent again sorry i typed email address wrong last time

NP, thanks for the pic. Are you willing to trade for anything? I have a stock 4 bolt 350 with a new circle track oil pan that has never seen oil, new pick up tube and new valve covers. It has a rochester carb. HEI distributer.

Give me a call if interested. 863-202-5996

stock engine.jpg

Just cash right now thanks for the offer though

If i did trade i would only trade for a GOOD/NICE complete 9" floater with 456 gear and full spool

700.00 CASH and firm


is it a two axle trailer? if so email pics to me Im50fast@aol.com

Hey there Pics sent with phone number

Ok 600.00 or i will keep it

come and have a look

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600.00 or i keep it

Need some christmas money come on 600.00 :slight_smile: