Little 500 Night pictures are up

I finally updated the Little 500 site to show the pix from our biggest party yet.
Here are a few of the 53 new shots: Ron McCreary in his FASCAR approved “Hello Kitty” helmet, and Bobby Cuddy after backing it into the wall.

Ron McCreary Hello Kitty 1 2010.jpg

Bobby Cuddy 2 2010.jpg

Ah yes… It is always a blast when we meet, greet, and abuse each other at the Lil’ 500…

I can hear Bobby now “Sooo I spun out, big deal I do it all the time, What do you want from me I barley fit in this thing.”

I just went through those again. That was a great night. What an awesome group of people to hang with. I only wish the guy with the gloves had stayed longer!!

I love that public service message from the boston guy we need to send thatto all the owners of tracks in fl.