Hialeah Speedway Reunion - FL Motorsports Retrospective to be Available

I will be at the Hialeah Speedway reunion next Saturday and am bringing several copies of Eddie Roche’s “Florida Motorsports Retrospective Vol 2” book to make available for the old-timers who don’t have a copy yet… Price is $40 so you can plan ahead… Plenty of old pics in this book from the old South Florida tracks… Look forward to seeing everyone… Ronnie says there will be 400+ people there!

Florida Video Service will be there too, documenting this historic event. Those that can’t attend or those that would like to preserve the memorys we’ll have DVD’s available shortly after the re-union. Thanks Bob…

Mr. Dave…

Was anyone able to get any pictures to you or Mr. Roche of Saramana Speedway for inclusion in this volume? I have the first one and still need to purchase this one before they are gone.

Just about every FL track you can think of is in this book…

I was hoping that…

…but in Volume One there wasn’t much mention made of Saramana at all. That’s why I was hoping someone had been able to hook him (or you) up with some photos, programs, etc.

My uncle Willie (Teddar) had, at one time, a bunch of old 8mm film of Saramana and the guys who ran there in the 60’s and 70’s…and I think Nancy Rowe has a bunch of stuff too…plus she is a wealth of information on anybody and everybody who used to run the Gate, St. Pete, Saramana and Desoto…and of course VideoBob Culbertson has history there, too.

I have some old programs that are out “on loan” to a buddy of mine and I keep meaning to go get em back so I can scan em’ in and post them. I’ll try to work on that this week.

Keep up the great work with your site and all the fantastic photos and stories you share with us all.

Hey Matthew

Heres Video Bob. I’d still like to have a Saramana reonion before all the old racers die off. Like me I ain’t far off. Whatha think Matt can we do it.
Yes Dave keep up the good work. I’ will buy one of your books if I have the money at the Hialeah reonion. Bob…

I would like to buy one of the books. I won’t be at the reunion, so can I paypal you or mail a check?

If you want a copy, mail a check for $39.95 per book plus S&H of $4 ($43.95 total).
Checks payable to:
Eddie Roche
2571 Arizona St.
West Melbourne, FL 32904
Sorry, no phone orders or credit cards