Missing Summer already

Yup, I’m missing the bike riding in the park already…

[SIZE=“5”]Yup, I?m wit-cha there Gee-um.

I’m missin the good fishing also.

I wasn?t having much luck catchin fish at first this
summer on the lake where we live.

Then I stopped by the local bait shop and met Sam,
the proprietor and also a guide.

After going out with Sam a few times I really began to pick some pointers.

I was still working on the ?release? part of the ?catch & release?
approach when the season came to an end.

Here?s a shot of Sam with a couple of real beauties.



Wow Jim. A couple of nice Bass and a big Red Snapper…:sprachlos020:

Dem Groupers ain’t bad neither…:huepfen024:
-Gee Um-