Update On Jack Smith....

It is with permission and with sadness that i am posting this information. Jack has been going thru a battery of tests due to the extreme pain he has been suffering since his past 2 surgeries. Last week he had an MRI… his test results were not good. There is a tumor in a 3" section of his spine and it is positive… he has cancer and it is spreading.
I beg you to put aside any negative feelings and pray very hard for Jack to withstand the aggressive treatments he will endure. Since the beginning of his illnesses he has found a closeness to God and he now has alot of faith in “THE HEALER”… he has some peace with his life but is also prepared for the worse. Needless to say, he is afraid too. Mostly for his family. he doesnt want them to hurt.
So please… please pray diligently for a recovery, a cure, or the strength he will need to overcome this third crisis.
Call, send greetings, visit… just let him know we care. the only reason most of us know each other or have become close friends is because of Jack … one way or another. :wink:
Thank you so much for listening. I will try to keep you informed.
carolwicks aka oz

Thank you Jack!

Jack…hope you get better soon!!! I just want to say THANK YOU for all that you have done for me! Look forward to seeing you soon!


Hang in, Jack. Miracles can happen – I’m living with one now.


Hang in there young man I just want to Thank you for being the freind you are to all of us in the racing world thanks Jack. Hope you get feeling better real soon our prayers are with you Jack

Gary Laplant

i met jack and knew him a short time when i was working at hendry county he was always kind to me and always came by my booth to say hello i worked the main gate ticket booth please know jack you and your family are in my prayers and thank you carol for the updates God be with you jack in these trying times and keep the faith

jack stay strong you have done so much for the racing here in fl its olny fair you get a break we will keep you in our prayers an thoughts just keep fighting :sport009:

Jack we are in heavy prayer man. If God takes you to it he’ll take you thru it. Keep your head up and Know that we in the racing community are behind you 100%. I’ll call you after the reunion tomorrow to let you know how it went. You will be there in spirit. God Bless… Bob…

Cindy and I have continued to pray for Jack and his family through his illness and will continue to do so for as long as needed. When word of my cancer diagnosis came out Jack was one of the people who took the time to give me a call, offering advice, support, and goodwill, and I still get occasional words of encouragement from him via my Facebook profile. With all of the pain and discomfort that I have endured in my cancer fight, I am certain that Jack has endured far worse, so my heart goes out to him. We wish for the best for Jack, and for his loved ones too.

jack smith we are praying for you and i have a pastor

that has a direct line he uses will call him tomorrow ; i will never forget you calling and talking to my son when he went in for cancer surgery ;

i know you had to be so tired but you called us thanks ron jr is home and he is doing a little better 'he still has long was to go

i went to a funeral other day and i had never heard a preacher ever say this  but he said about some one that was sick . that god please don't take this person now he is not ready to go yet free him from pain and heal his body because we still need him his job on earth is not done yet  

  get well jack RON ABNEY SR

I’m glad to hear Jack has found God. So now the ending will be good. No matter how this turns out. God is with you Jack. Never forget that.:huepfen024:

I need to explain…

im not so sure Jack didnt find God a long time ago. I just mean he has found a closeness and comfort with God. a personal relationship. for me i find comfort in knowing he has found that because now i know it isnt hopeless…guess thats the same huh…:wink:
i mean no offense to anyone who does not believe. you have that right. but for those of us who do… there is no hope or comfort without Him and the afterlife will be worse than anything we have suffered on earth.
i am appealing to everyone to pray for Jack and for his friends to call once in awhile and send cards or anything that will bring him some kind of happiness.
It should be that we love each other 365 days a year. the holidays are upon us and it seems to bring out the best of us. This year lets try to extend that loving and giving feeling all yr. at least lets try…
i always forgive anyone who hurts me. it makes me feel better and i realize not everyone in life will like me but i will never stop trying…:wink: You are really good people and i feel honored to be part of the huge racing family.
carol aka oz

Hey Rick…

with God there is no ending…
hope you had a wonderful holiday. more to come …:wink:
carol aka oz

Thinking of you my friend !

My wife Carla and I had the opportunity to vist Jack and Kathy shortly after his first surgery. I had the opportunity to share the Gospel with Jack and Kathy, while they knew of God before, it was that day that they both bowed their heads and accepted Christ as their personal savior. So now insted of just knowing of God, they now had a personal relationship with Him. I can tell you that was a great day for all of us there. Jack we love you and the family and are praying for His will to be done in your life, we pray for a cure and for grace and strength for you and your family.

I want to encourage all of the folks that love and care for Jack to come to the Charity Truckers 200, where we are helpng raise fund to help him and Kathy and the other two families as well. It would be a great testiment to have all his friends there. I am not sure the schedule of treatments, but I know Jack is planning and trying to be here with is that weekend, staying with family near by the track.

Keep praying for Jack and His family, pray that we have good weather and a great turnout for the Charity Truckers 200 weekend. If you would like to make a donation you can send it to C.A.R.S. Racing for a Cause Inc. 812 Romano Ave. Orlando FL. 32807. If you mark it just for Jack we will seperate it out for him.

Jack and family,

Know that you have a bunch of people who are so thankful for all the hard work you have done for the racing community and know that we are praying just as hard for your comfort and health. Hang in there Jack!! God bless.