Heard hes got a big fat lip>>> ha ha

The news said last night he had 13 stitches. HAHA!

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!

it was a year ago yesterday that Tiger Woods wife kicked his butt. Just wondering if this is a cover up and Michelle did this.

I heard that he had just told her, “I’m was going to run for a second term”. Being she thinks that being the first lady is hell. He should have known better then tell her that.:ernaehrung004:

Typical response from a bunch of ignorant rednecks. Get over it, you have a black president and he is far better than the village idiot before him.

the man

cripple ,.how much intrest are you going to have to pay on the monies he has spent .do you under stand the b.s. print paper is your way.hell yes i am a redneck from way back .

Because the prior guy was doing a great job right? Wars we don’t need or want. Where were the WMD’s? We left the Clinton years in the black and ended up in the red due to W. So you tell me what this poor guy in there now had to work with! It amazes me the hatred that causes people to laugh out loud because they guy got hurt playing a sport. It’s just mind boggling to me.

its all good,we took the house back!

So now nothing will get accomplished.

Nothing was getting accomplished when Demoshits had the house…

A country in disarray was stabilized and given a chance to repair itself. With what Obama was handed to work with, he has done a fine job. Just keep voting Republican, and enjoy your Wal-Mart wages. Union and proud here!

And exactly what has he done and accomplished?

You were the 1st to bring up a Black president you racist.:sprachlos020:

Your union in fla? I was in the 80’s and it didn’t work out that well for me seeing as all they wanted me to do was picket and strike instead of work and feed my family.

Walmart wage? i do much better than that without crippling companies to do it…wow!

Oh, BTW. You know where Boeing went right? SC to get out of the union stronghold that was bleeding the company to death.

You are obviously a Democrat so you would support BOBO the monkey if he was elected and blame Bush as you are doing. Although Clinton did do some things well…He left America FAR from being in the black. None of it has been right since FRD and will only get worst.

I am not a republican BTW but i do like the idea of keeping the money i work for instead of handing it out to lazy SOB’s who think a career is sit at home and draw a check.

FYI Benny, I am not a democrat. I am a Libertarian. I am a social moderate and a fiscal conservative. However, in the wonderful country we live in, I am forced to choose the lesser of 2 evils a two party system gives us.

The Democrat Republican arguments are so funny to me! When will people open up their eyes and realize that they are all crooks??? Like Jessie Ventura said, it’s just like wrestling. They all fight on screen and then they are all buddies behind the scenes…They are all part of the “Elite”, and we are the puppets that are dumbed down by what we see on the news and all the talking heads Like on MSNBC and FOX News… Although I have to say that FOX News takes the cake as far as being totally biased…Fair and Balanced??? Now thats some funny Shi* LOL

Snowball, I agree with you completely. Jessie Ventura is actually my #1 man when it comes to politics. I own his book " Don’t Start the Revolutions Without Me". If I could hand pick a president, it would be him.

As for Fox News, that’s why we call it “Faux” News. Not that I imagine many people who post here will know what the hell I just said.

Yes, I call it that too!!! LOL I Love Jessie’s show Conspiracy Theory on True TV. Have you watched that yet?

wait till after 1/1/11 and you get your 1st paycheck, and because of the new healthcare that you will not get anything for until 2014, money will be taken out for it. Then if you haven’t already got your new health ins plan for 2011 to pick and chose what you want for 2011, you might be in for a suprise. We were. Right on the front page a notice telling us that our rates went up because of the new Obama health care plan. $60. a month, $720. a year. Thanks Obama, Nancy and Harry.

Congrats, you have won this years “If I could reach through the computer and bitch slap somebody award”.

Typical Obama supporter, blame Bush and throw out the race card.