36'sale or trade

1998 36’ gooseneck traler. 3 ax with 7,000ax 6 lug 16’’ tires. fair shape.
$ and ro part will trade for smaler traler boat or motorcycle.

Call don
352 542 1561

Will sell for $4500.
got ot go this week

Trade For Pu Truck, Air Boat, Camper, Moterhome Any Thing. No Racecars, Ex Wifes, Girlfriends Or One Leged Dogs.
Got To Go This Week
$4400 And Going Down
This Will Be A Rev Auction Ill Keep Going Down Till Some One Buys It.

is it a true gooseneck 2 5/16 ball or is it a fifth wheel plate thanks. we have a 24 foot tag with rampovers and winch

2 5/16 ball ajustable hight .

send me some pictures to Khupp72@aol.com

ok u send me some

send a cell phone number…my phone is giving me trouble. I can send them by cell phone. Sent to email address through Facebook. Hopefully you got them.

still got it $4300 it will be gone soon. $ and or trade.
going---- going
352 542 1561

ok who wants it $4200 AND FALLING.

DON call me going to sell this week.


I Have A Speed Boat Ill Trade You For It…

Send Pic’s.


well the traler is still in my yard.
that was a nice donzi but no rod holders. but thanks.
OK PRICE IS $4100 and falling. buy it please.

Can I get some pics 8634120218

going down

going down on price. who wants it will trade cash or some of each.
Got to go this week and its getting late.

Don does this trailer have a rear ramp door or two double doors.


8’fold down and ond other 5’ fold out ramp can load at 3’’ ground clearance
inside has dovetail.

can you send me some pics inside and out to:milracing00@aol.com

Thanks Rob

No u cant pull this traler with a 3/4 ton pu. ned a good 1 ton at least to pull it. this is a big unit.
will trade for almost anything.
Got to be gone buy fri.

lots of trades but nothing i can use. does any ome want a deal?
Price is now on Wed
$ 3800
352 542 1561