06 Falcon Birdcage...Always upfront :)

VERY Clean Champ…with low races for an '06

Rolling stand
1 race old Bill Smith Builders Prepared (BSP)
7-8 race Donnie Lewis FH (Still strong)
Mychron 4
Vortex Gold Clutch

All our assorted tools for Karting:
Gauges, tire tools, alignment tools

Driver off to College next year…selling it now for someone who’s looking to start 2011 in a Champ.

Email me with questions and offers.

Someone is gonna get a great deal!!



Now more motivated :slight_smile:

First $1500 donation to the College Fund receives:

Fast/Clean Champ
2 motors: New BSP Builders Prepared, Lewis Performance FH
Rolling kart stand
Vortex Gold 2 disk clutch with many drivers and rear gears.
Mychron 4 tach
Tires,rims, alignment tools, tire tools, camber gauge

Everything we’ve accumulated over the years for kart racing :slight_smile:


Thanks Troy, hope you guys have as much fun with it as we did.