The final race at PGS this season! WTG Shelnut!

CONGRATULATIONS to Daryl Shelnut for the win!
I hope all of our racers have a fun and safe season off and look forward to seeing you in February and thank you Kevin!!!
God bless…
Carol aka OZ


Just talked to Linda & some others from the track… said the place was packed and car count great. Santa & Mrs. Claus were there. Johnny “Action” Jackson there with his Craftsman truck… all kinds of fun things going on. 2 lucky kids got bikes…
All in all PGS closed for the season with a show we hope will continue when we reopen…In spite of the naysayers i really think PGS will have a very successful lifetime in Punta Gorda under the thumb of Kevin Williams… The airport was ready to give up and Kevin did everything he could to save it. I would appreciate if fans and drivers would support him… all the bickering needs to stop and positive people need to start posting their support. thats what racing needs! a boost in the arse!!! not a kick!
carol aka oz

positive feedback

well i would have to say that williams, and chase. are doing a wonderfull job with the track since they have taken over. i have been there every saturday night gladly paying the 10 it cost to get in and the 20+ on beer and food and at times i even splurged a little bit to get into the pits to meet some drivers and officials. as for Greg he has answered every question i had in a timely manner. and do to thier consideration for the racers i have purchased a sportsman i am currently getting together to have on the track at the beginning of the 2011 season i plan on racing exclusivly at PGS so watch out sportman drivers i am a NOOB w/ backup. all in all thank you very much williams, chase , track officials for finally turning this track around i will look forward to the upcoming season