Florida Tracks

Why do so many dirt tracks in florida close from november to december I think in florida tracks should stay open year round and atleast run practic every other week so if pepole do major changes to there car they have time to test befor races start

i tend to agree.

in the winter months the snowbirds come down in droves… many many thousands. lots of $$$ to spend… also if its cold out we can bundle up in warm layers of clothing, blankets and drink lots of hot chocolate etc.
the summer is brutal! too hot. can you imagine sitting in a tiny steel seat with hot suits, gloves boots and helmets on in the summer…ugh…
i say shut down in July and august and stay open in winter… just a silly old womans opinion. ive been to nss when i had to scrape ice off my windshield and the stands were packed. in summer stands are basically just some die hard residents.
carol aka oz

year round i like it

well eastbay runs to the 2nd week of december. makes for a long season! we love it but, it dont give much time for rebuilds and etc. this year the strretstocks are running the nationals so now they only have 6 weeks to get ready. oh well were ready for more!
i agree with carol, we need to take summer time off!!!

I agree also, noone is here in the summer, its too hot, rains out every 2-3 weeks. Also maybe minds would work better when its cool. (Talking about changing rules etc)

Ahh… The subject of racing… Personally I hate going even a week not seeing racing…Especially Short Track…

So i know it isn’t feasible, but year round is my choice…

Have a great day all…

Both New Smyrna & Orlando Speedworld DID run 52 weeks a year, for MANY years… including Christmas & New Years.

If it was such a good idea, I’m sure it would still be in place.

Now, on the other hand, I would like to see a series of Winter-time races, all held on Saturday or Sunday afternoons. Saturday nights in December or January are a miserably cold prospect, and they get very little support.

Yea I wish the upcoming New Smyrna races were in the daytime, much easier to make the long drive home.