Hialeah Pictures

Does anyone have some old pictures of Hialeah Speedway that you would be willing to share with me. I would like to use them for the reunion video. Also anyone that was at the reunion that might have pics of the front as people were signing in please contact me at 941-737-5857 or flvideo50@hotmail.com
Thanks Bob…

Bob, try Bruce Griffin’s site:


There aren’t a whole lot of pictures under the “Tracks” listing, but if you go to the “Drivers” page, you’ll find a TON of cars from Hialeah.

Here’s a pic I found over at H.A.M.B. (says it’s Lou White):

Chuck Johnson’s Ford:

Bobby Brack in the zer0:

From Rex’s Florida City site, a TQ Midget (Gene Barfield):

Here’s our car at Hialeah with I believe Charlie Reagan driving:

I have a bunch of old Enduro and some other pics from the early 90’s. If you have a way of scanning them, and want them, let me know.


Yeah Darrin I can scan them. Call me tomorrow if you can. 941-737-5857 What I need is access to Bobby Days old pics. Jimmy I’ll look at floridaracingmemories.
Thanks Bob…

#312 was owened and built by Lou White,he had a few drivers over time,Bobby Allison most notibly,but the one in the photo is me,I drove and worked on it for Lou the last few years he raced his cars,we built another new one in 1975/6 with diskbrakes,but sold it before it raced. It ended up as Rosh’s #76

Dana, have you got any old Hialeah photo’s you would like to share? Bob…

Jimmy, what is H.A.M.B.?

Dana, if you tried a little more body english you would have got around quicker.

Guys, there are tons of Hialeah pix on www.floridaracinghistory.com… most were shot by Bobby Day and if you use them for anything, you MUST give him proper credit…

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Dave I have gotten some frolm your site but most are too small a file to use for the video. I think I’ll just go with what I have. I will give Bobby Credit for sure. Thanks Bob…


H.O.K.I.E. = Hokie A$$ Message Board… i thought we were already on it!

Dana Barlow at Hialeah

Here is a photo of Dana Barlow at Hialeah:

There is no truth to the rumor that when Dana Barlow was racing a red and white car, they decided to paint the walls red and white so they wouldn’t have to re-paint it each week… lol

Why funnyer then most think,I was one of those few that did come out to do the painting on the walls each new year update ,to put the new year on the back strait wall and clean up from time too time along with painting some of the other signs too. After Johnny Hooper left I stoped doing that free stuff.
I had a nice scrapbook of old photos that I can not fine now:confused:
Rex;" body english " yup and a lot of wishfull thinking it may slow down maybe when it got too them turns with them Buick drum brakes,good for about first two laps and then came wish time. You young guys that have always had diskbrakes have no idea!!!
That Franch beer can car was some super low buck fun too.