Points Championship Super Stock

This car has won 2 points championships and many, many, many feature wins, complete roller, gauges, shifter, 2 rearends (390 and 342 ), radiator, everything except motor and tranny $3500.00. Also have motor just freshened up will sell for $2500.00. I won the last 5 out of 6 races in this car, the only one I didn’t win I blew a tranny. Tired of seeing it sit. 407-568-5437

super stock 002.JPG

super stock 003.JPG

I have several different combos to sell with this car for me to make this car race ready, or just sell you the parts and you make it race ready. your choice of tranny’s - Winters automatic, several different 3 and 4 speeds, your choice of clutches - from the cheapest to the best you can buy, your choice of rearends are - 323,342,373,390,410 or 456 also have a crate motor available. Bolaws carb, VDL carb. All top shelf parts. Make this super stock the way you want it whether you put it together or me and dominate. Tires and wheels shown in pics are just for roll around, I have light weight wheels to go with the car. A lot of people have seen this car run over the years, it is no joke.

if you won the last 5 out of 6 why is the car all tore up is the frame bent

lol, frame is not bent, the nose piece was used up and we pulled motor out to freshen up, we also pulled shocks and springs out so they weren’t just sitting with weight on them, wheels are just roll arounds. all top notch stuff.I f you don’t believe look up the results on OSW, the car was not ran last year. Just been sitting.

o i know its a good car i was just wondering is all

may trade for OMW roller, no junk this is a jig built top notch super stock. also have cash to go with trade for the right deal.

This car has 45 wins great deal for someone who wants to win this is not a new and unproven car it’s a proven winner.

Is this the old 0 car from mark