Nice Super Stock!!!

1976 monte carlo with regal body. The car has a full well built cage ,a new set of pro shock all the way around the car. 12 gallon fuel cell and nice quick car gauges b&m shifter . As far as the running gear
ENGINE is a line bored 355 with new steel scat 3.48stroke crank, new scat pressed on rods with a set of speed pro forged 4 relief flat top pistons ,custom crane cams 500 lift hyd cam, 441 72 cc heads with 2 barrel intake new holley 4412 with k&n flow control air filter ass.
Trans is a 350 turbo rebuilt in march 2010 12 inch 2400 stall convter
Rear end is a 10 bolt chevy rebuilt with a lock 3.42 rear gear with black hawk brakes.

Will sell this car race ready for $5500 or as a roller for $2800

a1.bmp (63.6 KB)



Was this car ever raced? If so where at and how did it do?

yeah only a 3 time at nss came had trans problem frst week got 6 the 2week with trans skiping and the 3 week was the 50 lap and was running 5th till i had someone chop down on me witch put a slow leak in the right font witch it was get alittle slower each lap but im not to worried about selling it. Its will show its orth open week at nss


… At Nss…

untitled1.bmp (113 KB)

if its not sold by jan.10th it going to start geting sanded down ready for the new paint job to start the season