need chistmas money,sstock,eng,trans reduced $1000

Already posted pic etc, was $1500 now $1000.00 firm 352 467 9065

good deal

here are some pics he e-mailed me

222.bmp (63.6 KB)

333.bmp (63.6 KB)

444.bmp (63.6 KB)

555.bmp (63.6 KB)

777.bmp (63.6 KB)

is the motor in it?


no, its still a roller but comes with engine shown and a 3 spd sag, thanks matt


any questions

is it a leaf spring car? or coil spring? also can you pm me about the motor plz

Can u send better picts to very interested

Same here…can you send better pictures of the car and interior to

I’m looking for a Camaro or metric car to race pure stock at Watermelon Capital Speedway in Georgia. Looking for something that hasn’t been bent or twisted. Please… I won’t try to lowball anyone and I ain’t a tire kicker, but don’t try and pass your junk off as a championship winner. I understand about racing dents and dings, but I want something safe to put my son (and myself!) into for the 2011 season!!

sstock $1000.00

Will get pics out as soon as I can get home in some daylight. Thanks

kyle, thats david riners old car, not sure about motor, but this is a steal for that car! its a nova, leaf spring.

sstock $1000

ron, can come and see car anytime, still avail. Thanks