Modified Mini Stock Dodge

Race Ready Spare Race Ready Motor 2 Spare Trans 5 Spare Tires On Wheels 4 New Tires On Car Lot Of Extras Want To Trade For Hobby Stock street stock sportsman dirt or asphalt car





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Whats a number you can be reached at?

do you have pic of motor compartment

phone # 386-341-1071 will get pics of motor later today

what motor is in the car is it a tube car what rearend is in it is it dodge ford what

How much $$$. Is it front wheel drive?

yes its fwd as the title says dodge mini stock so its adodge 2.2

is it still set-up for dirt? what trans is in it?

ya its still set up for dirt the trans in it now has a 533 gear and I have 2 spare trans both have 610 gears

this is a full tube frame car the motor is a long rod motor no junk on this car if you look at it you will see its all top dollar the car is worth 7000 it was built buy robbie storrer the spare motor alone is worth anything hes asking



TRADE you a Ak-47 & my grand ma lmao she can cook a mean grilled cheese :slight_smile: Good luck with the sell Nice car. wish i hade the money.

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