camaro chassis

78 camaro well built car has 9" ford rear pro shocks on front with adjustable sping buckets rear has afco springs 12 gal fuel cell no motor trans seat or belts $450 obo 352 212 5604 need to sell quick have a body to go with it

goin to the scrap yard friday

Why would you send a good send that to the scap yard?

What rear end and gear is in the rear end??


if u srap it why dont u give i to me 4 free

is the rear a floater ? where you located ??

Not a floater n the gear is broke had a 411 i believe i have to many cars n i dont need them n before i give it away ill scrap it

josh collins

HA HA HA dude get off this web site if you have no money racing is not your hobby. Neil can get 200-300 at scrap all day long for this car. take some "FREE" advice there is no such thing as a cheap race car. And if you are going to beg someone to drive their thunder stock or ask someone to give you a car you need to put a little more thought in how to ask.

i cut it up

Did you have some fun there???

it was more fun cutting them up instead of giving them away