119 Street Stock For Sale

race ready, roller, or chassis and body with no parts, however you want it. Call for details and pricing 386-956-9777.

Prices… As a roller? Complete?

nice looking car how much race ready what motor and trans and gear

7500 as roller less gear and motor…11,500 raceready with o lap 602 crate motor from gm with 5.43 …call please to many details to even try to post…386-956-9777

in two races this car won 3,350 dollars …car has all new name brand parts no bo bo stuff…car was built to win races and make money. trying to move up a class .

Belkey Built

Belkey Built…

several calls !!! please people this car is top notch thats why the price is up there.i would consider trades and cash just send me pics or call me and let me know what u have in mind.some trades i would consider is 4 door dually or a nice enclosed trailer goose neck …or any shop equipment jigs, welders,sheet metal brakes,stomping shears ect…thanks alot belkey built …ask for joe 386 956 9777

Still For Sale Belkey Built

to much

way to much and he caint build shit

thank you very much sir …why dont you come over to my shop and ill personally show what we can do for you george …have a nice day cant wait to see you …thanks joe belkey…386 956 9777

p.s. the first race this car ever raced it won with me driving for $2,500 , my work ,my talent,and my customers will beg to differ… so if you could not bash me or my business i would appreciate.

looks bad a$$ built to me and I have been fabricating for 15 years I would say it is one of the best(safe) built cars in florida. Put your money where your mouth is and see if you can build one. I bet you just can’t build one like it and you are jealous.

thanks very much modlmrcr …i know it is a lot of money for a streetstock but it has lots hof high dollar parts including 4 brand new tires which cost 525 per set…it would be very hard to duplicate for that asking price if you had someone build it for you…thats what it cost for a winning car these days it is out of control… thanks …belkey built