Legends Race

The Legends race @ OSW sat nite gets shortend because of the number of cautions, Did anyone count the number of cautions in the truck race??? Just wondering…

Well there were ALOT in the truck race and we waited our turn only to be cut short ! And they wonder why legends dont show up ! :sport009:

By the way BJ the karts had the red flag not us and they ran all their laps. Who officially decides its time to shorten a race ??? Not tryin to be a DICK but damm it we spent the day there and signed in to run a 30 lap feature plus rented a transponder plus 5$ for lap times which I couldn’t get due to “Technical Difficulties”…Racin IS Racin…Do it right or don’t waste my time… BUT IT ALL WAS FOR A GOOD CAUSE ! … just sayin…:ernaehrung004:… Dave Gleason 07 LEGENDS