Strictly Stock Finsihing Order?

If possible,would like to know the complete finishing order
of the Strictly Stock race Friday night

Thanks :slight_smile:

Wasn’t that a kick-a$$ race? I had such a good time in it. Its amazing to me that this class always runs last on the program. Why not give racing fans a break from sometimes tedious events, and put this class on earlier?

glad you had fun, boneman. from back where i was, i never saw you except on the caution flap laps.

Yeah I agree it was a great race!My daughter races the 4 car and
she had a great time!
Yeah it would be nice to see them maybe change it up
Maybe if they did it right after intermission a lot more fans
would get to see a class with a large car count and maybe
make some fans want to build a car for this class but they say we
leave too much debris on the track and don’t want the higher class
cars running over it which I understand
Thanks Boneman
We have 2 new cars for next season!
See you then

they say we leave too much debris on the track

I know that is what they say, but I think it is totally wrong. If any class drops fluids or parts, the track crew gives it a quick clean up and the show goes on. There is no real reason to run this class last every week, its just become a habit. Trust me on this, the fans in the stands have seen more than enough 3 car features, and they are hungry for a race with action and a decent sized field like Strictly Stocks. How many were there last week? 20?

Yeah I agree.I think there will be even more next season :slight_smile:

The Strictly Stocks were a lot of fun to watch. That was the first time I really paid any attention to them, and they put on a good show.

I saw this video on Youtube from Friday: