362 c.i Chevy short block

4 bolt 010 block, Ross dome pistons, aftermarket crank, rods unknown. Looks to have been freshly rebuilt, but needs to be disassembled, cleaned, and reassembled. $800 obo. (904) 540-2482

H beams? does it have a cam?

any trades?

Stock type rods, no cam. What do you have to trade?

2 full size monte driveshaft
stock water pup
16 gallon fuel cell
500 ift comp cam 2200-6500 303 dur 108lc
500 lift crane cam 2000-6500 292dur 106lc
15x8rims 5 by 4 3/4
floor shifter
impala spindles
BOTh set are new late model and mod bilstien shocks
new chrome vavle covers tall and short ones
2 17’ flex fans
call 386 689 7650

trade you all that for the motor

Thanks racing22, but I can’t use any of that.

Can u post pics or text me some 352 212 5604

I’ll post pics Monday.

Pictures of short block

$600 or best offer

To the top!

Well what do you want to trade for it you tell me so I don’ t list a bunch of stuff you can’ t use.Why does it need to be reassembled looks pretty clean to me.Did you pull a rod for inspection or was there a problem.

When I bought it, it had been sitting uncovered for quite a while, hence there is quite a bit of dust in it. I pulled one piston to identify the make. I would trade for anything of equal value that I can use for my super late, for example, a FASCAR 390 cfm Holley carb.


do you still have it? there is a rod missing in you pics, is i a complete short block?

Yes, I still have it. As I said above, I removed one piston to identify it. Everything is here.

What is the bore size, what is bottom Dollar?

Sold! Thanks, Karnac!