Citrus Modified Mini 50 lapper rescheduled for 3/5!

After looking at the schedule we have decided to reschedule the 50 lap Modified Mini Stock race for 3/5/11. This will be a NO ENTRY FEE 50 lap race. Cars will qualify and be inverted by the roll of our foam dice, 2-6 rows max. We will allow Hoosier and American Racer 13" slicks to run. There will be practice on Thursday night 3/3,from 5-8.

Racecar Engineering has donated $25 gift certificates to the 3rd, 8th, and 13th place finishers.

Race Engineering has donated a $100 gift certificate for 1st, $50 gift certificate for 5th, and 10th places.

Eagle’s Nest Racing has also donated $25 gift certificates for 2nd and 6th places!

Eagles Nest Racing
14431 60th St N, Clearwater, FL 33760
(727) 536-1202

Cody Johnson Racing is donating a free air brush helmet job to the winner of this Satrudays Modified Mini Stock 50! The winner of the race will just have to provide Don with a brand new helmet and he will air brush it for free! Thanks Don!

Visit his website here:

Complete Payout:

  1. $600
  2. $350
  3. $250
  4. $200
  5. $175
  6. $160
  7. $145
  8. $130
  9. $115
  10. $100
    11.-14 $75
    15.-19. $50
    20.-24. $25

Please keep in mind this is a NO ENTRY FEE race, normally you would pay between a $25-$50 entry fee to run for this kind of purse.

If you have any tech questions please call Travis Nichols at 352-585-3560. If you have other questions please call John Chance at 352-201-8257.

not really complaining but since the 5th is the last mod-mini race until after the fair and also the last race before switching to the new ribbed hoosier , wouldnt it be more sensible to schedual this 50 lapper say on may 7th ? buying 2 sets of tires in two races is too expensive . i personally cant see buying any tires at this time when we have to change in two races . or is there a problem or further delay in getting the new ribbed tires ? or are we going to stay with the slicks ?

Because of the rain out of the original 50 lap race, there are a lot of drivers with new slicks they just purchased last week. Many of them were planning on running the 50 lapper and the two 20 lap races we had before the fair. This would have worn them out, and they would be ready for a new set after the fair anyway. But because of the rain, they will not get all of the life out of them. So we will allow the 13" Hoosier slicks to run after the fair break for a 75lb weight penalty until May 7th. After the May 7th night, you will only be able to run the new treaded Hoosier tire. No new slicks will be sold after the 3/5 race.

thanks for the quick response ! sounds like a reasonable plan for all involved . will have to pass on the 50 lapper though , my american racers dont have enough life left to be competitive with the hoosiers and it wouldnt be smart or safe to push them that far . we will just start our season after the fair . practice laps till then . thanks again !!!

We have a regular 20 lap race coming up on 2/19, you should come then.

yes , will be there to race on the 19th . and will also be there for the 50 lapper to spectate for sure .

Don’t forget this Saturday night is the 50 lap Mod Mini at Citrus!

Are the supers still running?

Yes they are…