Harold Hall Sr.

[B]Harold Hall Sr. April 14,1922 – February 8, 2011

Harold was a long time Sarasota resident; in 1944 he arrived met and married Rosemary. They opened a Radio and Television business that operated for over 40 years.

Each weekend the family would go to the racetracks around the state and compete and also win. Harold had as many as six drivers operating his fleet of racecars. Countless championships were collected at tracks like Sunshine Speedway, Golden Gate Speedway,
Silver Dollar Speedway, Plant Field dirt track at the Tampa Fairgrounds, Old Punta Gorda Speedway, New Punta Gorda Speedway & Saramana Speedway was his home track for many years were larger that life named competitors would travel to and aim to beat Harold.

During the last 31 years, Harold focused on Desoto Speedway since it’s opening. He had the very first racecar on the track even before the track had been cleaned and painted, trying different gears and set ups. He built countless numbers of cars in different classes to be able to compete weekly. He was focused on that 6-day turn around to be back at the track every week. He even won an award one year for a perfect attendance of 32 straight weeks. He has won the NASCAR Mechanic of the Year Award two years during his racing career and also the tracks Nichols award.

Harold would always pride himself on having a car go out of the shop 100% ready to win and 100% completed by the family. He would do things like all of the body work, all of the painting, all of the engine assembling and tuning, all of the suspension set ups and anything else that anyone can imagine that goes with a race team.

He would also lend a hand to a fellow racer or someone in need to help them run faster or make it through their problem. He was feisty, he was aggressive, he loved and he was dedicated to his family as well as his racing passion.

He has now gone on to that super speedway in the sky and will pull many a checker flag from the lord. He will be looking to pass all of his racing friends who have already made that trip and partner up a racing team that will be second to none.

With Loving Devotion, The Hall Family