Strictly Stock/Super Stock Sponsors needed

I know it sounds weird asking for sponsorship for Strictly stock/Super Stock but i am Taking donations/sponsorships to start my race team. visit to help! Thanks in advance!

where do you plan on runing at

I am planning on racing New Smyrna Speedway and Orlando Speedworld.

ill see you thier thats where i run superstock and might beable to help yopu out

tryin to get a car first lol

Getting a car is a lot easier than keeping it going. We run on donations as well it is not easy.

yeah I know. im lucky to have a family member who can help lol. no luck on it for me… but im looking for a car thats not running right now so i can learn. :frowning:

I bought a old monte sitting in a guys driveway and tore it apart. We did buy a few old junk race cars for the cage and metal and stuff. I paid $900 for the car and put another 700 into it. Nothing is new on our car but the seat belts and window net. You can find what you need if you take your time and look