Volusia Speedway Park Webcasts


Post FX Video out of Orlando, FL is once again hoping to do live webcasts of
racing and provide quality video of racing action at Volusia Speedway Park
near Barberville, FL again in 2011, however the Post FX team will be unable to
be at this Saturday’s season-opening event due to lack of sponsorship money.
Dean Baker, who heads up Post FX, says it costs about $400 per night now to
put together a crew and provide quality coverage of the racing events. “Right
now the only commitment I have is from Rick Barsness of Incredible Pizza and
his sponsorship , although it helps, does not come close to covering the cost
of what we have to do to provide a quality product,” says Baker. “We really
need some other people who would like to get a great advertising boost for
their business to come on board… again, this is a live webcast covered by
four distinct camera angles that is available to web viewers live all over the
world. Volusia has some awesome racing and we have received incredibly
positive feedback from those who have viewed it,” he says.
Baker would like to get a minimum of four sponsors at $100 per week to
continue providing the service and can provide sponsorship packages for even
less. “Post FX will work with anyone regardless of the money they have
available,” says Baker. “This is roughly a four hour webcast, so there is
plenty of room for sponsors plus we hope to again provide repeat showings of
each webcast during the week on-line which will be a bonus to all of our
sponsors,” he continued.
Post FX began live webcasts at Volusia Speedway Park in 2009 making the
track one of the few in the U.S. to provide live flag-to-flag coverage of
their weekly events. Baker has tracked the viewership and has found people
watching Stateside from Maine to California and in many foreign countries
including the U.K., Brazil and Mexico.
If you are interested in becoming a partner with Post FX Video in webcasting
2011 racing action at Volusia Speedway Park, contact Dean Baker at (407)
298-8114 or by e-mail at dean@postfxvideo.com.