This Site is in Need of Serious Updating

I’m not complaining, just putting forth info… I know It’s tough for Jack Smith right now but the “links” page really needs to be updated… Many of the drivers listed in the middle section don’t even race anymore, don’t have a website anymore, or haven’t updated their site in quite some time… Meanwhile, other current drivers have sites that aren’t listed…
Many of the Series listed in column three either don’t exist anymore or have been re-named or changed drastically, plus there are many other current Series that should be listed.
And Speedworld has been misspelled for several years LOL…
You have to be really computer-savvy to do this kind of work and Lord knows Jack has enough to worry about right now, but does anybody else do anything on here other than Jack and John Berti?
I think we all enjoy KARNAC, but the site is really in need of some serious updating… Hey, Boneman is pretty good at this kind of stuff and he’s independently wealthy so would not need to be paid… Maybe he can do it!!!

he’s independently wealthy

Say what? Rremember Dave, you hire me to mow your lawn and patch up the K-car. I’m not wealthy; you don’t pay that well.

Agreed on the main point: we all want a healthy and vibrant site. I have had no contact with Jack for months. I know he is struggling with his health, but I sure hope things work out for him.