Orlando is charging $15 to get int the stand to watch the four lowest class there aint no big race or nothing SPORTSMAN E-MODIFIEDS Super Stocks and Strictly Stocks. They would make more money if they charged less to get in you would have more people there and sell more food which would make up for the ticket prices and your track wouldnt look like a ghost town same with NSS.

They haven’t gotten it in many years now… you think they will start anytime soon???

No Chance

Also would’nt it make more sense and money for them to run the big races that are held there LAST???You know keep the fans there and sell more dogs and beer???NSS will NEVER change.Would also give the fans a chance to see other races other than the big boys.The working man’s classes

it has nothing to do with how much you charge it has to do with the show and letting pepole there is a show .we have the largest collage in the USA down the road but none of them come to see the show ,why you ask because they don’t know it is there a little time there and you might see some pepole in thre stands but we need more cars to put on the show to the payouts helped but a lot of fences need mending and that is being worked on so lets tell our friends and get pepole in the stands!!!

yeah it is about the show but people like me that dont have tons of money cant got if its 20 a person to go to the race if my wife and i could both go for like 15 buck i would be there every week just to get out of the house . i know where i moved from in western Ny they chage $7 to $10 a person or do car load deal and the stands are packed but also they have 4 or 5 guys in each class that can win any night at nss i can name 2 driver in each class and one of them will win inless something happens to there car. i seen 2 superstocks at the 50 lapper that went through tech before the race with the back part of there interar box in and sloped with 2 1/2 to 2 3/4 exaught which between the 2 thing that car should be minium of 3350 due to having to add weight for exceed interor sheetmetal slpoeing and large exaught which gives them more perfermnce one weighted 3214 and the other 3225 . In strickly stock you have a metric car turning 24.5 really a strickly stock with a stock 305 turning 24.5 .Sportsman is a good show when you get a good ffroup of them . Mini stock the 81 wins in less the 3 car come if her shows of the 3 car leave the feild like crazy . alot of your upper divsions are pretty good though

man i don’t know but i have lived all over the world and 20 is cheap for a night of fun…i will tell you the movies ar 9.00 a person for 2 hr and then dinner so 20 is not a lot if you want cheper then go to the beach but with gas at 4.00 a gl it cost the same

you guys also have to think about the economy. alot of guys cant but gas for their cars and tires are expensive as heck. even to run just the strictly stocks are startign to get pricey and thats the fun class. idk but it might just be me.

yeah thats what im saying if you charge 7 dollars to get into the races and have 240 show up or charge 15 and have 50 or 60 people show up it just makes sence with the way times are now and thcar count is down because like you said mike tires for a super stock is almost 500 a set and if you dont have good tires you wont win agaist the top car that do have new tires plus gas at $9 a gallon for 110 if you put 10 gallons in yyou got $90 there 20 in your tow truck 25 to get in the pits something to drink and eat 15 your looking at 155 thats why there aint as many cars but even with the car that are out there lower the admisson prices make more money and more money of food

ok this started out about going to see the races not bring your car ,if you are bitchin about bring your car you donot belong racing cars maybee you should tack up flyin kits or someting racing is not cheap never has been and never will be it is going fast and speed cost so if you are going to bich about racing sell your car to some one that will enjoy it because if you enjoyed it you would just say that is racing and go on …man this sport was a lot mor fun when nascar was not as big as it is now pepole just raced and liked it that way

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I agree, BUT do you call watching a field of 3-4 cars or less a fun night out>> Just courious. Oh, don’t you burn gas to get tgo the race track?

I dont care who you are or how much money you have i think its just highway robbery on these addmission and license fee’s the drivers and teams have to pay.Just like everyone else if i race or raced again or was a fan in the stands i wouldnt want to race or watch a field of 3 or 4 cars its no fun and thats what its about…I understand the economy is bad so if i owned OWS an NSS and was losing car count an fans i would at least talk to both sides an listen to some opinions to try an get them back.If you like dirt racing just look Bubba bought Ocala made some changes and within a week car count went up 5 to 10 or more in all classes.It only takes a few changes an you"ll be amazed…