2004 24ft pace shadow 8.5 enclosed

i have a nice 2004 , 24ft pace shadow 8.5 enclosed trailer for sale or trade . title in hand . $ 4000 cash or will consider some trades . such as nice low rider open trailer with tire rack and box and the balance in cash . or liteweight 20ft 8.5 enclosed trailer and balance in cash depending on trailer or even trade . other trades considered but must get another trailer in trade if not cash sale . no way to take pics sorry .trailer is located between deland and osteen .

little small but still interested please cal 386 956 9777

Jeff, I have EXACTLY what you are looking for. 2005 20’ Pace, lightweight and in excellent condition. It has lights, a winch, cabinets and a work bench. I want something a little bigger and would consider a trade if your trailer is as nice as mine. Give me a call 352-613-0587

may be traded , will update after this weekend .

I am looking for a Pace, or equal. 20’ - 24’

still available as of today .

trailer still for sale , trade , etc .

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did you sell trailer?

Trailer is still for sale .


can you send pics to jason35750@aol.com

sorry , unfortunatly i dont have any way to take or send pics . your welcome to come look in person at any time .

Do you have a phone # or e-mail?

re info

sent you the info by pm . thanks .


i have an 18 foot open trailer with full grate floor and a 98 escort 4 cyl mini stock great cage, nose to tail,2.0 twin cam ,good lookin car can be race ready,call ron 813-380-9379 any time, i will be posting this to look for enclosed trailer if i dont here from you,ron…thanks…

Re Swap

I sent you a pm about your offer .


will have to do it this weekend i drive big truck and wont be home till then.the car is set up for citrus mini stocks former 4 cyl stock have 8 in rims for slicks you would have to change rims for scrambler,you can call me for more info813-380-9379 ron

Re Swap ?

IF i was to trade , it certainly wouldnt be ran as a scrambler ! i would only race it at citrus . i cannot stand auburndale . but chances are it would just be resold as i already have two mod-minis im trying to sell . but as i said i need pics first of both car and trailer . i cant afford to drive across the state without some idea of what im looking at . but you also have to realize im asking $ 4000 firm for the enclosed pace trailer which is $1500 below current market value .this trailer would have been sold months ago if i advertised it in places other than karnac . i dont have to sell it so i just figured id put it on karnac for fellow racers . so just estimating your trades ( which i havent seen so im just estimating ) at around $2000 so you would still need $2000 in cash to make the deal . if you remember my original ad requested open trailer with box/ tire rack / pro built low rider . and i didnt list another racecar as a trade either .im trying to get rid of the two i have now ! but i will look at some pics and see where it leads . i may just like what i see . you never know . normaly i would be at citrus racing every saturday but right now im broke so i cant even afford the diesel to go spectate . i live between deland and new smyrna so its a 2 hour trip one way . send me some pics and lets see what you got . e-mail is dejr@ucnsb.net thanks !

re info

sent you another pm