Punta Gorda Speedway Super Late Model weekends events and payout.

The Punta Gorda Speedway has Super Lates this weekend for 100 laps. We begin on Friday night with practice and a pit party. Gates open at 4:00 pm on Friday with practice till 8:30 and a BBQ dinner with beer and sodas to follow. The cost is $15.00 per person which includes practice, $10.00 per person for practice only. Saturday gates open at Noon with Late Model practice only from 2:30 till 3:00, then practice by division beginning at 3:00. All late Models will qualify around 6:00. Please call 941-575-7223 to reserve your slab. It has been brought to our attention by many drivers and car owners that we have not posted our payout for the Super Late Model class. We are not trying to hide anything and we always have said that PGS has paid the best purses in the state of Florida. As you will see we do not pay the most to win, but you can clearly see we pay more throughout the field which reflects the highest purse in Florida. PGS has paid this amount at every Late model race that has been run since the new ownership has taken over as there has been at least 24 cars at every race. The first race this season the car count was lower but it was eventually rained out. This will be the first Goodyear 6 pack challenge race of the season and all armbands from the rain out will be honored at this race. PGS contingency awards for this weekend are hard charger gets $100 from Robert Todd racing, 5 Gal of Sunoco race fuel for fast qualifier, will pull a number for a free chassis dyno from Wayne Anderson Racing, 1,5,10 and 15 place will receive a $25.00 gift certificate from Racecar Engineering.

Below is a breakdown of PGS purse.

PGS Super Late Model Payout

21-24 Cars 15-20 Cars

  1. 2200 1. 2000
  2. 1400 2. 1200
  3. 1100 3. 1000
  4. 1000 4. 900
  5. 900 5. 800
  6. 850 6. 700
  7. 750 7. 600
  8. 650 8. 500
  9. 550 9. 450
    10.500 10.375
    11.400 11.350
    12.350 12.300
    13.325 13. 250
    14.275 14. 200
    15.250 15. 200
    16.225 16. 200
    17.225 17. 200
    18.225 18. 200
    19.225 19. 200
    20.200 20. 200
    22.200 Total Purse
  10. 200 $10,825
  11. 200

Total Purse

PGS No Mandatory Fuel Purchase
No mandatory Tire purchase
but you must run Goodyear track
tire with Durometer rule of 50 HOT

FL Promoters Series payout
posted by John Sarppraicone

21-24 Cars 15-20 Cars

  1. 3000 1. 2000
  2. 1500 2. 1300
  3. 1000 3. 900
  4. 850 4. 800
  5. 750 5. 700
  6. 675 6. 625
  7. 600 7. 550
  8. 550 8. 475
  9. 500 9. 425
    10.450 10. 375
    11.400 11. 325
    12.350 12. 275
    13.300 13. 250
    14.250 14. 200
    15.200 15. 200
    16.200 16. 200
    17.200 17. 200
    18.200 18. 200
    19.200 19. 200
    20.200 20. 200
    22.200 Total Purse
    23.200 $10,400

Total Purse

Mandatory 10 gal fuel
Mandatory 4 tire track tires

Also racing are the Pro Trucks, Rookie Trucks, Legends, Bandolero, Outlaw Modified, Pro4, and Fab 4. Drivers please bring Easter baskets for the kids and there will be face painting and an special visit from the Easter bunny for the kids.

Team PGS
Greg Roeback

Good job Gar!

What about entry fees? I see no mention on that topic.

It’s only about 100 bucks Davey. Come on down. It will be good to race with Dakotah again.

Yes, sorry about that both series charge a $100.00 entry fee

to bad there is an entry fee at least a $250.00 entry fee get’s you a chance to win $75000.00 Not like Florida’s entry fee’s $100.00 for a chance at $3000.00 or less. mmmmm

Any pre entry list available? I hope not another 11 car field like the rain out.

Old timer If I here of ant from tonights practice I will share.

Had a great night of practice 16 Supers here already, with 24 on the pre entry list and have called for parking. Had a great BBQ dinner with all the drivers and there families. Dave Pletcher looks fast with Travis Hansen and Wayne Anderson all with fast times. Richie Anderson and Amanda Ferguson are fast too! Also Shelnut, Steve Gill, both Bigleys, Jessica Murphy, Kevin Macy,Todd Brown,Alan Bruns, Dustin Dunn and many others will all be in the hunt. Gonna be a show here tomorrow night. Bubba is here with truck too!!!See ya at the races.

Greg Roeback
Team PGS

Sounds like fun and a good group on hand all ready

23 Supers have signed in for tonights 100 lap race. still time to come out and watch

I think that Auburndale paid $3000. to win and had a $100. enrty fee

Do you think? Do you know? and what does that have to do with this thread, if you don’t have the full payout through the field to compare, so what. Great turn out for super Lates at PGS, and a great race for the packed grandstands, great time for the kids for Easter, all we need to know…

Phil Ellis sr
Ellis Racing Pro4 # 29

Yes, I agree good super late model race, when they finally got to it around 10:00 PM. I felt bad for the guy behind me waited all night for the super feature but his kids fell asleep and he had to split!

Can someone tell the announcer next time instead of yelling at the Super Late model drivers who are not in stagging to perhaps run through the line-up while waiting, so we know who’s who instead of waiting until the cars are all fired and circling the track and you CAN"T HEAR HIM!

It would have been nice to know who was driving the 22 car that won it! He did a heck of job holding off Anderson.

Wow! I guess if they stood at the front gate and handed out $20 bills to everyone there’s always that one person who would still have something to complain about!

That’s the nature of the beast

Obviously somebody can?t handle constructive criticism for the betterment of the racing program!

obviously someone would bitch if they were hung with a new rope…say something nice once in a while instead of being a dick about everything

Just calling it how we see it! As for being nice - F - Off Ellis!!