Figure this out genius

Ok, so this is not exactly comedy…whatever.

A ship is twice as old as the ships boiler was when the ship was as old as the boiler is.

What is the ratio of the boilers age now to the ships age now?

In ratio form 3:4.

can u repeat the question please

Ratio , I think would be 9-10, but 3-4 seems closer. I give—UNCLE!

Yeah, something like that. Did the ship have soap in the mens room?

s = ship age; b = boiler age
We know s-b is number of years ago that the ship was as old as the boiler is today.
At that time (s-b years ago), the boiler was its age (b) minus (s-b). So the quantity b-(s-b) = b
Algebra: b-(s-b) = b-s+b = 2b-s
To solve for s:
We know s = 2 * (above boiler age)
Algebra: s = 2 (2b-s) = 4b-2s
s = 4b-2s
3s = 4b

A+ Burt!
This was in a magazine on an airplane. I was at the end of a demanding business trip, and must have been more tired than I realized because I stared at that damn puzzle for an hour from Atlanta to Orlando, but couldn’t get it.

A few days later I tried again. When I was rested I got it in a few minutes. Moral of the story: sleep on it!

I am not as such good at Mathematics and I don’t consider myself a genius…
I think the ratio between these two will be 3:4…
What do you people think,My answer is right or wrong?