Pletcher takes over.

Homestead based Hurricane Racing Inc. has been sold to Dave.
Thanks to all the drivers and people that have helped me over the last 16 years. Tom Sytsma tom77hmstd.

So does this mean your done? I give you till the beginning of next season.

I will most likely still be around. but not as a car owner.

Just make sure I am added to your press release list for the new Hurricane Racing. Sorry you sold it but times change just as we do daily. But e-mail me and I will send you my e-mail for your press releases.



Sorry to see you hang it up but I certainly understand. From the days when you worked with David Ingram to Robert Hamke and finally your own operation you’ve been a class act and a credit to our sport. Remember the good times and forget the ugly ones and never forget your start at Raceway Park in Blue Island and your all time hero Bud Koehler - the reason your cars carried the No. 77.


Thanks Marty, part of the reason I gave up can be seen on the posts regaurding the fup series and all the infighting between the tracks.
Since the demise of the Sunbelt and Fla Pro series there is no unification of what a late model should be.The wieght rules and carb restictor rules are constantly changing.And when Wayne won that track championship for me I kind of lost some drive.From the gov. cup win in 1977 to the track records to the championship I guess I am ready to retire and possibly help some else from time to time. Thanks again.