mod mini

tube frame pinto front clip, 4 sets of extra gears car is set up for new smyrna. misc. parts seat and radiator included brand new front nose. no motor and tranny. 750$ call randy at 386-566-0579 or jesse at 386-847-6933

Really good car

some more pictures

is it fiberglass body or metal?

the nose and fenders are all plastic but the doors are sheet metal


Whats up with the rear suspension 3 link or???

leef spring rearend

looks like a 7.5 rear, what gears do you have for it? Is the frame straight? Is there lead on it or has it been taken off?

It is a 7.5 rear, Frame is straight and we took the lead off.anymore questions give me a call

any trades?

depends on what it is,mainly cash only please


where is this car located

In Edgewater, 15 minutes away from New Smyrna Speedway

will you take $500 for the roller?

If I sell my car I will come get this thing good deal

Or trade ya mini dodge roller 863,253,7149


sorry dont need another car… need cash