A message from Bubba

From Bubba Raceways Facebook page…

Dear Fellow racers and spectators,

First of all I wanted to thank u for coming to either race or watch this past Friday night here at BubbaRacewayPark.

We had a amazing turnout of both racers and spectators. Almost 100 cars in only 3 divisions. The racers and spectators came thru, now I as the new track owner need to come thru on my part.

Granted I’ve made some big improvements with regards to lots of stuff but please understand how disappointed I am on a few of the things I feel were not up to speed. Please also understand that as I type these less than perfect aspects within BubbaRacewayPark I’ve also been working since the lights out Friday night to fix them.

  1. The track conditions, we all were very disappointed in the surface. We have a very good idea on what we did wrong. And I can promise u we are addressing it NOW I sat on a tractor till 9pm Sat tilling the surface. This is very important to me.

  2. The long lines at the consession stands and the entrance. I know I would be full hot having to stand in line for a long time. I’m sure u were as well. I am going to build more concession stands and am looking at those plans Monday

  3. Late model payouts. Tech took too long. Plain and simple. If in a big race Travis the tech guy wants a head off. The racer has a hour and 15 min to get it off. I want to get u paid faster.

  4. The bathroom person that’s suppose to keep them clean was a no show. That won’t happen again. Promise.

Please understand there is not another track owner/promoter that would write a letter like this basically telling on themselves on what went wrong, but that’s where I’m different. I want u to know I’m honest and proactive on Florida short track racing.

I’m so thankful to call u my customers and partners.

Bubba Clem


I gotta tell you, I really admire the owner/promoter who would write a letter like that! Yes, he has to follow through and address the situations that he listed. I am betting that he will fix them, and am hoping that all other track operators step up their programs in the same way.


im impressed. i have always liked ocala… its a wonderful track and has some history! with Bubba there i am sure there will be lots more history. :wink: i know alot of new track owners have wonderful plans and sometimes they cant do what they hope to be able to do.i think Bubba will find a way to make it happen. i wish the track, the staff , the fans and the drivers the very best. Good luck and God bless… nice letter bubba. …
carolwicks aka oz

That was an extremely nice gesture and letter Bubba to your drivers and fans. Most of the problems you had are fixable, just takes time. Track conditions are not in my area of fixing but long lines at the gates and concession I have seen before at other tracks. If you had every window open for entry and all concession windows open, well, you did a great job. Just opening night is always crazy at any track or big event.

As for the bathroom no-show, that does happen. Somehow bathrooms are always a big problem at tracks since people do abuse them sometimes or think it is funny to see a toilet overflow which is not. But I am sure you will find someone who will be there for you every Saturday night.

But I do commend your letter in letting everyone know you had problems and the problems are being worked on. That makes a world of difference to racers and fans.

Good luck and someday I hope to visit.


Epic press release!!!
I guarantee most of the problems will be fixed by the next show.
How many new fans do you think Bubba is bringing to the sport?

BTW Bubba, please help

It is the norm for alot of new fans to come to a track when it first opens but as we all know, in time, fans dwindle down and things calm down. Yes, all the problems do work out and you eventually get your true fan base. But anything new always brings a huge turnout but it does not always stay that way.

I just really appreciate Bubba’s letter addressing the problems of opening night to the fans and drivers. That means that he does see, does have eyes and ears and will work on the problems. Now if all track owners would do the same, maybe things would get better in Florida. But alot of the time, these things fall on deaf ears and blind eyes which Bubba does not seem to have.

Bubba, if you read this, I want to give you kudos on everything you are doing, and for having the courage to admit what went wrong. I am sure you are well on your way to having the premier dirt track facility in the state.

I want to pass along one thought I really thought was strange. You have all these fans in the stands that love you, either for buying the track with the promises you have made, or for your radio show, and yet you never spoke on the mic the other night? People were dying to hear you speak in my section. I don’t mean announcing the races, you have one of the best around already to do that, but I really thought you would say something to the crowd as the new owner on opening night. Just my two cents, keep up the good work!

Soo refreshing to hace a track OWNER get on here and admit things didnt go the way he planned and to apologize!! Good for you Budda, please don’t stop listening to drivers AND fans suggestions. With your attitude I believe you will do fine. Thats what its all about you know, attitude towards your customers. Thanks again

It is the norm for alot of new fans to come to a track when it first opens but as we all know, in time, fans dwindle down and things calm down.

[B][I]I would not agree 100% on that. If the promoter keeps amazing the fans week after weeks, he’ll keep filling up the place. What you will see more of and I would agree to that, is promoter that slows down, for whatever reasons, and become a tad on the lazy side and takes things for granted. Or just runs out of ideas. Then the show becomes so so and the fan base goes down the drain.

If you take exemple on great events, Le Cirque du Soleil, great music shows, great magicians, great whatever, great race tracks for that matter, they always have full house for years and years. And they just keep clicking. One reason, they never slow down on new idea, new stuff, the small thing that will mesmerize the crowd tonight.[/I][/B]

I’m sure he was happy but 68 cars is not “almost 100” but still darn good the way things have been going lately… Just goes to proove you can put on a show without having to run 27 classes!

I wish Ocala and Bubba the best, I just hope it doesn’t end up like another CCMP. A new promoter comes in and all of a sudden its the best thing going with all of the bouncing idiots and within two years its a poorly run dump.

Seems to me that a big mouthed, big monied, experienced racer would have had back up, a plan B, and other contingencies built in on his “big” night. How many races has he been to?

Good Luck in the future.

PS: That’s the kind of “stuff” he would say about somebody else in the same predicament on his show…:slight_smile:

Cover it with asphalt, no more dust problems.

I will

second that

I think the asphalt is about 15 inches under the clay.

"I’m sure he was happy but 68 cars is not “almost 100”

There was 87 cars there.
34 late model
34 V-8
19 Mini

I was going by the results that were posted… Like I say, if you can get 70-90 cars in three classes, what need is there to run more?

yeah its beat have 8 or 9 car on a big night for super stock at nss

i dont like his politics but i hope does well with the track he does listen to people and that makes all the differance in the world for a track to be a great place to drive and spectate