Auburndale Flagman Destroys 100,000 Worth Of Cars

Auburndale flagman waves latemodel out on the track from the pits in front of the leaders at top speed.Lucky no one got killed it took out multiple cars and caused 100,000s worth of damage.It took out Tim Russell who was in first and Anthony Campi who was running second.Jeff Scoffield who finished second said after the race in a interview I hated to finish like this and the Auburndale officials did a piss poor job of flagging and tore up some good cars and could of killed some one.It took all the security at the track to get all involved off the flagman.

The flagman or the guy at the entrance to the track up on the hill?

the guy at the pit entrance.
See my post under Auburndale 5/21/11

#36 Russell and #81 Campi

This is what it looked like after hitting #20 Sergi that was coming on to the track.

umm, yep, that looks just about right, Sergi, has his fuel cell and rear clip folded up over the rear end housing, Campi got the front frame, steering, suspension and some of the engine.
That is a shame.

#20 Sergi

Was told that Russells side door bar went through Sergi’s left rear rim and tire few feet from the drivers door, Thank God no one was hurt. Great Job the wrecker driver did to get the car back to the pits. picked up the front and dragged the car back the the pits. look at his fuel cell all pushed in. Should have picked up back or waited for the rollback. #10 steve dorer I think was running 3rd, made repairs, started in back on restart

Sergi could have been hurt or killed, thank God he and the other drivers are okay, what a mess.

Adale needs to help pay to fix those cars

You are so correct. This is where Auburndale (Rex) has the opportunity to put Florida racing even farther behind the 8 ball or make a positive change. Will he step up to the plate or will he put another nail in the coffin of Florida racing in the eyes of the southeast and the rest of the country. This is a tough decision but we all know the right one. Time to make the right choice, hire good people, quit the favoritism and help Florida racing. Enough is enough. With all the good drivers in Florida we should demand more from our tracks and promoters.

This isn’t the first time this has happened in Florida.

Several years ago at Desoto Speedway, they were qualifying either the late models or OWMs (can’t remember right now which class it was). I think it was Doug Moff who was on the track, taking his qualifying lap.

As he came down the back stretch, the guy on the hill waved a late car out onto the track, from the turn three opening.

Doug locked up his brakes, but it was too late. He hit him hard, tearing up his front end so bad that they had to put it on the trailer for the night.

In my opinion, what occurs from this point on regarding how Rex handles the situation with the drivers/owners of the cars that were destroyed will dictate not only the future turnout of drivers for events hosted by his racetrack but also for the whole state of Florida and short track racing’s future.
In my mind, if a driver goes to a track, races and gets wrecked due to the negligence of a track official and the track does not make any effort to make the the situation right, well then why even bother going to the track.
I can guarantee you that if a spectator fell or got hurt at Auburndale because an employee created a hazard, the racetrack would bend over backwards to make the situation right. Why should the drivers and car owners be any different, we are paying customers at the track also, $25.00 per person, $100.00 entry fee, 4 tires and 10 gallons of race fuel.
Lets see what happens from here?