Punta Gorda Speedway 50 Lap Late Model and 50 Lap Road Warrior this Sat Night

This Saturday Night PGS has waved the entry fee for the 50 lap limited/Crate late models to help out the drivers in these tough times. Its $1000 to win and pays nice thru the field. Also the Road Warriors are going 50 Laps with $500.00 to win all cars will qualify and as always pays nice thru the field. For more info call the Speedway office 941-575-7223 and reserve your slab. Also the Pro Trucks, Rookie Trucks, Legends, Bandolero and Cowboy Cadillac’s will be in action. Going to be a great night of racing action.

Greg Roeback
Team PGS

We will be there :slight_smile: Hopefully we can get about 25 Road Warriors too lol

just to make it clear, there is no entry fee for the Road Warriors either.


And people wonder why the pits and stands are full at PGS. Good call Greg and hope you have a huge turn-out this weekend.

Thanks Mike, would be good to see you guys again, good luck playin in the dirt.