Saginaw 3 speed tranny, 10-1/2" clutch, Steel Bellhousing

$150 for Saginaw 3 speed tranny, $250 for 10-1/2" clutch package (15lb. flywheel), $100 for Steel bellhousing with bottom half cut out. All in good condition, used in Sportsman class.

Also have 10,000rpm clutch package, 9lb. flywheel, 11lb. pressure plate & 2.5lb. solid disc. Cost me $850 new, will sell this clutch package for $250.

Call Rick (727)946-8288

will it fit SBC,what 2nd gear does sagnaw have & is it a 10 spline, clutch kit is it a 10 spline

Yes, it’s for a SBC motor, it is a 10 spline/coarse. I believe the 2nd gear is 1.68 but I use 3rd gear/final drive for my sportsman with a 667 rear gear for citrus.

rick i ll give you a call , may be we can work out a package deal thanks

check pms.thank you.

JDG call me @ 561 351 0409

what do you want for everything?

I will sell everything including the lightweight 10,000 rpm clutch package for $550.00 I can’t go any lower than this.

Call Rick at (727)946-8288

rick i need a flywheel, steel bellhousing, and tranny. let me know how much if resonable i will come buy friday. i have a clutch and pressure plate already. cw 863 381 5459

Everything Sold!!!

Thanks to all replied.