Putnam closed....

Guess the guy running the place packed up and skipped town.Took some of the things needed to run the track as well that didn’t belong to him.From what I understand there was a meeting w/the owner of the track and someone else who is interested in taking the track over imediatley.Time will tell and hopefully they can get something worked out because we sure don’t need anoher track to close up…


That is too bad things went south already. What is it about that place? Is racing management that hard? Are there too many locals that are destructive influences?

Give Boneman a cupie doll!!:sprachlos020::sprachlos020:

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I bet the real problem is the same one faced by most small businesses, they were under-capitalized and couldn’t wait for the cash flow to come around.

SOMEONE has got to be able to run that track right.

From what I’ve seen over there the last few times it’s changed hands is this.The same group of individuals get in there and ruin the place because they always seem to be the ones whining and complaining.In turn it runs everybody else off and thats all who is left there in the end.Just my opinion mind you…

It’s a shame, went there a couple time, thought it was a good show. The times I went the crowd was good and the food was good too. Seems there was soap in the men’s room too, so I guess that isn’t all that important after all.

how long ago was that tuna iv been going there for ever and never seen soap lol

Actually Clay, I really didn’t notice, I figure after you hold the old fella a good rinse job probably takes care of the issue. I just thought it was a good dig at my Buddy Boney, just so’s he knows I still think of him and remember the fun he had a yr or so ago giving me crap!! Nothing personal to him you understand!! LOL

Dang…I would give it a go!

Who do I call??? I guarantee I can keep it going longer than that!

Wish you could, I called it a nice little facility. The racing was gppd, admittance fee reasonable and the food was great.
Kind of reminded me of the atmosphere at Beech Ridge Speedway in Maine 30 yrs ago and still today.

The ONLY way this track will make it is if someone gets it who has a BIG bank roll which the last few who had it didn’t.They also need to learn how to get the track away from the same old people who think they own the damn place and want everything their way.Another words,hire ALL NEW PEOPLE!!:smilie_abcfra::smilie_abcfra:

Yup, that’s the way it is at a lot of tracks.

From what we’re hearing the person(s) who are now trying to get the track are involved w/some of the same people who have helped bring it down in the past.If thats the case you can count any of us out!!

Bubba Raceway Park switching to Saturday nights was the death blow to Putnam Speedway. My personal feeling is that BRP should have kept with Friday nights. Three dirt tracks, BRP, Putnam, and Volusia within relatively close proximity running on the same night vying for the same cars leads to nothing good. Something had to give. Fans still get screwed as now the field of potential cars and drivers is split between two tracks.

As I’ve said many times before I’ll never understand why it is that tracks in Florida believe the only night to race is Saturday night. I’ve experienced many tracks, in my long association with auto racing, that have been successful running on weekdays and on Sunday evenings.

Putnam had recently switched to Friday night in response to BRP. They only got a few Friday race nights in before calling it quits.

[B][I]Other race night will work, so will outstanding race night.

If you have great racing, you will pack the place on any night and this even if there is another running or not.

This is a reality of life in these events, that there is always something else going on at the same time, being racing, festival, carnaval, or whatever. So you have to be prepared to make sure your show is the most attractive if you wanna win in this game.[/I][/B]

But if you design your race program with only the sport and the racers in mind (like starting the fast cars start in front), and give no consideration to the quality of the show, then you will not retain new fans and will only attract the same hard-core race people every week.

Actually there are 4 dirt tracks close to each other as you have North Florida in Lake City as well which all but Putnam are running on Sat. nites.Putnam was getting some cars from there also.Wouldn’t be surprised in the least if one of the Sat.nite tracks still standing switch to Friday nites.You are correct though,Fridays for Putnam probably isn’t feasable right now until they put on a good show like Ocala has for many years on Fridays.However it will be practically impossible to run on Saturdays now that BRP is.They started out good @ Putnam then the same old “crew” worked they’re way in there,started whining and started getting rules changed to fit they’re needs.And guess what happened?It ran people off that started coming back to the track after they heard the surface was getting better ect.They were also running way too many classes on Friday nites.5 or 6 classes is too many when you start @ 8pm.Thats a no brainer,4 is plenty.But if they didn’t have any issues with the local churches/county I would definatley try Sundays maybe?? JMO

Last night Volusia handed out survey papers for the fans and drivers to fill out as everyone came in,it asked you to check what divisions you like best,and what night would be a perferable night for them to race…the choices were wednesday nights race start time 8pm,friday 8pm,stay on saturday 7pm or sundays at 5pm.In my opinion I think it would be best if they tried friday nights at 8pm…maybe Putnam if they are reopening should try running sundays around 4pm,the thing with that is the heat being here in Florida,it gets awful hot during that time of day in the summer months.