Bronson Speedway Hornet Rules

More to follow on other classes - for Legend Cars go to the INEX website for rules…


  1. Any American or Foreign 4 or 6 cylinder Front Wheel Drive passenger car (no two seaters, convertibles, or all wheel drive). Sun roofs and T-roofs must be covered with sheet metal.

  2. All components of car must be stock including all engine components. No high performance or racing parts allowed. No turbo chargers or superchargers allowed.

  3. All glass, plastic, and other flammable items must be removed. Stock windshield is allowed or may be replaced with screen or lexan, with (3)-1 inch x 1/8 inch(flat stock) support straps with a minimum 4 inch spacing between each support.

  4. Doors must be welded, bolted, or chained shut. Bumpers must be chained to prevent loss. Bumpers may not be reinforced.

  5. Three point roll bar, or brace welded or bolted from side to side located directly behind driver seat-Mandatory. Door bar or Door brace-Mandatory.

Door bar may run diagonally to floor-inside drivers door, or Door brace may be bolted securely(? inch minimum bolts and large washers recommended)-outside of drivers Door, and extend six inches beyond door on each end. Four point roll cage recommended. No roll cage bars allowed to extend through front or rear firewall. Window net required on driver’s side-(See SAFETY rule #7)

NOTE: Outside door bar/brace should be 1? inch roll cage tubing or 1 inch x 2 inch square tubing, and located no higher than the top of the tire, and no lower than the center of wheel hubs. No sharp edges anywhere. All ends must be turned in or capped.

  1. Trunks must be empty and clear of debris. No added weight allowed anywhere in car. Hood must be securely fastened with inside hood release disabled.

  2. All cars must have a radiator overflow jug.


A. Stock tank may remain in stock location-if forward of rear axle. Fuel cell recommended. Maximum fuel cell capacity = 8 gallons.

B. Tank or Fuel cell should be centered in trunk area. Fuel cell must be encased with minimum 22 gauge steel can. Must be secured with minimum (2) straps from front to rear and side to side.

C. Rear hoop to protect Tank or Fuel cell allowed.

  1. D.O.T. passenger car tires only with 200 minimum tread wear. Wheels must be OEM stock steel or aluminum.

NOTE: Over competitive cars may be restricted by speedway management as deemed necessary. Speedway management reserves the right to allow or disallow any and all parts and modifications. Final translation of these rules will be at the sole discretion of speedway management.


All replacement parts used to service or maintain vehicle must be OEM replacement parts intended to replace OEM parts exactly.


  1. Bronson Speedway officials reserve the right to inspect any car at any time. All cars must have an initial safety inspection prior to competition.

  2. All required safety equipment and apparel must be utilized any time the car is on the race track:

A) Racing helmet with minimum of Snell 95 rating.

B) Neck collar or Head And Neck System highly recommended.

C) SFI approved Fire Suit. No holes or torn suits will be permitted.

D) Fire resistant racing gloves only. No mechanics gloves allowed.

E) Fire resistant racing shoes.

F) Fire resistant underwear and socks highly recommended.

  1. Roll cage - made of steel tubing(DOM recommended), minimum of 1-1/2" outside diameter and minimum .095 inch wall thickness. No square tubing or galvanized pipe will be permitted. Absolutely NO exceptions. Roll bar padding required on all bars within reach of driver.

  2. An engine/fuel pump kill switch recommended which must be accessible by both the driver and from outside the car. Kill switch must be highlighted with bright orange paint or vinyl, and be clearly marked “ON - OFF”. Factory key ignition permitted. Key must be wired to steering column and remain with vehicle at all times.

  3. All cars must have a fire extinguisher (minimum 2 pounds) securely fastened within reach of driver. The mounting must be in such a way that the driver can quickly remove extinguisher from its mount. Approved for Racing Halon system may be used in place of extinguisher.

  4. A quick release 5-point racing harness with 3" belts, dated 2005 or newer, required in all vehicles. All belt installation must be approved by Bronson Speedway safety officials. Sternum belt allowed. Belts must be utilized any time vehicle is on race track. Racing harness must be attached to roll cage with minimum 1/2" bolts.

  5. Window nets are required on the driver’s side of the car and must be securely fastened. Nets must latch at the top and be operational from inside and outside the car.

  6. Aluminum racing seat highly recommended.

  7. Battery may be relocated, but must be encased in spill proof container. Container must be able to keep battery secure in the event of a rollover. Battery location must be approved by speedway officials.

  8. All cars must have front and rear tow hooks. Hooks must be strong enough to support weight of vehicle when towed.

  9. All cars must have a radiator overflow container. Water is only acceptable coolant