Attention All Open Wheel Mods Punta Gorda Speedway Twin 35 lappers July 16

We would like to clarify the payout and guidelines for the Q Auto Injury, Power FX Twin 35 lap Open Wheel Modified Race for July 16. There are separate payouts for both 35 lap races. There is an inversion for the second 35 laps. 8" Goodyear slicks is the track tire. There is a $50.00 entry fee that will get you in to both races. Although the purse appears to be a bit top heavy, we have a sponsor that wants the money to go to the first place position. There are many contingency prizes that are also available. Q Auto injury Attorney will be giving 2 Goodyear 8" slick tires in a random draw from the field. Fast Qualifier gets 5 gal of Sunoco race fuel, RACECAR engineering has donated 25.00 gift certificates to the 1st, 5th and 10th place finisher in both races. We hope this answers all the questions but you can contact the speedway office at 941-575-7223 for more info.

Payout is a follows, per race.

  1. 750
  2. 325
  3. 250
  4. 225
  5. 150
  6. 125
  7. 100
  8. 95
  9. 90
  10. 85
  11. 80
  12. 75
  13. 75
  14. 75
  15. 75
    Thru field

Thanks to the Drivers, Crew members, Staff and the fans that make PGS a great place to race.

Greg Roeback
Team PGS

Yes Greg

It does sem a little top heavy compared to your usual payout…You guys usually have the best payout through the field… But anyways thank you for what you do. P.G. is still setting the bar…70 laps with chance of $1500 plus two chances to race the same nite with one entry fee…Way to go greg and P.G…oh did I mention slicks…

Thanks Doug, Hope to see you and alot of Modifieds come down and put on a show and see why PGS is a great place to race.

Greg Roeback
Team PGS

Hey Doug I jeard you were only gonna rum Citrus from this point foward. Bummer if its true but if it is good luck. Well Greg looks like yall are trying be intetestimg to see if amybody new comes down.

Guess I should have proof read my last post sorry bout that.


blew up primary motor…points battle is really tite at citrus…have a month off to gather my team, money, motor, and myself. would really like to win the championship at citrus. It would be doing something. There are so many cars that could win any nite. Lots of really good …fast drivers…so as for now im goin for it but I will need a little luck

Winning a title there is definitely doing something. Good luck to you and im sure we will see you up there at some point.

Im still waiting on my gift card from the last race?? finished 5th in the 2nd race…ronnie heard


All the info was sent to RACECAR it will take a few weeks but he will get it to ya. If you dont get it by this weekend let me know i’ll check into it.

Thanks Greg

Please call ahead for a slab the pits are filling up.

Team PGS