hat out RACE!!!! Hope you set your DVR for Saturday Night NASCAR!

[SIZE=“3”]With just a few laps of practice and the rest rained out. It was a heck of a RACE!!!. Only thing missing was the BIG ONE. And that’s good!!! Don’t want to mess you up if you haven’t watched yet. But the place was packed (120,000 I heard at one time). They had 60,000 for the Nation Wide race. I haven’t watched it yet but they said who wow last night. So oh well now I get to see how he did it!!!.With all the bad weather the FANS in that region LOVE NASCAR!!!
GOoooo NASCAR GOoooo…

i figured my local tracks would rain out so I watched about 20 laps total(while commercials were on the other channels), and you’re right Bobby! That was one hat out race! ANOTHER boring-ass track! NASCAR BLOWS…unless you’re in some kind of fantasy world.

I remember when the whole series was hat out with Allison, Petty, Pearson…

Watched the last 40 races after going to NSS still fell asleep, woke up just as the winner was in victory lane. About the Sam as the 6 car 2 division sportsman race at NSS. Wish I’d been in the pits though, looked like the WWF!

Gooooo, goooey nascar…:grinser010: