Will you come bowl to help kids and families with terminal illnesses !

This coming Saturday July 16th we will gather at the Boardwalk Bowl in Union Park FL. for the 2nd Annual Bowl-a-raiser. The registration begins at 10 Bowling will start at 11 a.m. and should be done around 1 p.m.

3 games and shoes, an event t-shirt and 2 free tickets to the Charity 200 Race weekend in December will be fr each bowler.

Please call me if you will come help at 407-497-0448 or e-mail me at
rbmini68@aol.com and I can give you more details but try to let me know by Wednesday so I can reserve enough lanes for all the bowlers. If you can get a team of 4 or 5 we will put you all together. There will be competitive awards and some fun ones as well.

Top 3 sponsor money raisers will receive plaque and a special reward.

Come have some fun with us for a great cause !

Gunnar & Samantha Peterson will be with us, of course Danielle lost her battle with cancer last month, but we will still be helping them with some money to help with Medical bills etc.
We are also helping Mattison 10 with Leukemia and 12 year old Greg with bone cancer. So please help, if you can not come and bowl but would sponsor a bowler or just make a donation please let me know. Thanks !


Rick, I have PM’d you at least twice about what rules you will be using for the Late Model portion of the Charity race weekend. Please let me/us know/ Thanks,


Rick, my wife and I will be there Sat to bowl, have fun, and support some great people. See you then.

You didn’t list any pricing. Some of these bowling alleys want the equivalent of a mortgage payment for 3 games and shoes…

Ha, we did this last year and had a good ole’ time. My “team” consisted of al-ter-ego, SS29 and my two youngest sons.

SS29 had been up all night (again), so of course he was in fine form. It was not an artistic success, but at least we beat racinphoto68 and all those Pierces!

Dave and Frass !

Mr. Dave,

I do not check the messages on here. I always leave my e-mail and my number on all the info.
If you go to the web site www.carsevents.com and the Charity 200 Race info link on the right it has all the info forms on PDF.
We will be using Florida Promoters Type Rules, clarifications will be up in the next few weeks, but that gives you the base line. Thanks !

Frasson, the deal on the cost was we aksed each bowler to raise sponsors to bowl. Form a team of 5 for $175, $35 for each person in sponsors for the kids. If you wanted to bowl alone and be added to a tem it was $40. Since it is Short notice for you I will do $25, you get 3 games and shoes, t-shirt, 2 tickets to Charity Race weekend and whole bunch of fun !!!

Thanks !

Rick wish i could be there to support this event. Just to far away to go and make it back to PGS to shoot pictures. I hope and pray it is a good event for the familes. I am going to try and be at either the Bike event or the walk again this year.

To Rick

PM me your mailing address so I can send in a contribution for a good cause. Thanks!

Hey Tuna

812 Romano Ave. Orlando 32807

Check payable to : C.A.R.S. Racing for a Cause Inc.


Boneman, you mean your “team” is not going to be back this year to defend their “title”? I have just finished putting a special shine on my ball and polished up the shoes to put a spanking on your team all while raising money for a good cause.

see ya there