All northern Karnacians

I will be in Syracuse NY on business for 2 weeks starting the 19th of July.

Any good tracks or shows to catch?

check the Oswego schedule, big shows coming up for Mods, and Super Mods.

Brewerton races on Fridays, Fulton races on Saturdays, Cayuga County Fairgrounds (Weedsport) races on Sundays, Utica-Rome races on Sundays. Rolling Wheels is more of a special event track and I believe they have a special sprint show coming up later this month. Oswego is a paved track that runs super modifieds. I’m not really sure of the status of Oswego but all the other tracks I mentioned are good. All these tracks are located within about 45 minutes of Syracuse. If you want to travel a little further there are several more tracks within traveling distance. It’s been a few years since I’ve been to a race there but I always liked the 1/2 mile at Utica-Rome, the 5/8 mile at Rolliing Wheels when it’s good, but at times it can be bad. LOL Weedsport, Brewerton, and Fulton are all in the 1/3 to 3/8 mile size with each being unique in shape and banking. You may want to visit for news and information about tracks in that area. That area is a hotbed for dirt racing and the big block modifieds are their headline class.

Not sure of the traveling distance, but the track that was on my personal hit-list last time in NY, was Woodhull Raceway. Never been there, but the place gets rave reviews. For at least 4 years now, they AVERAGE 150 cars a night.

When I asked on about comments regarding Woodhull, I got many responses, but ZERO negative reviews.

There are soooooo many good tracks in that area (and if you look around, I bet you’ll find several mid-week shows too), that you should pick several different ones, and have a “plan-B” for each. Many of these tracks are within 30-45 minute drive of each other, and race on Fri-Sat-Sun, plus the mid-week stuff.

Have a blast… it’s a hot-bed of short track racing in that area…!

Thanks guys!