Dang it, Rick....;-)

I was all locked and loaded, too…lol…but I understand why you dumped it. Threads like that do get tiresome but sometimes it’s hard to let some things go without making a comment about it.

Good call, too, cuz the spring was definitely getting wound up.


(feel free to dump this one too if the replies from “you know who” get everybody cranked up)

(what?..you know I was talking about Winger…right?..that guy is just a loose cannon…)

OJ, I’d put you on my ignore list but that only works when you log in. It’s not that I’m a loose canon, it’s just when I get set off I have a meltdown. LOL


Ok which one was dumped?:sprachlos020:

I believe the “Word of the Day” thread.

Looks like a limp cannon to me.


Very limp!!!

You two diagnosed that pretty confidently. Must have alot of experience, huh!!! LMAO


Met a lot of them.